2017-02-27 Gathering Moss
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Discussion (7)

  1. Aleph78

    Reminds me of the early comic with the “Carbon Customer” that Yehuda sent to Joe… =)

  2. Persia

    They ain’t natural!

    • Alan Donnelly

      They are so!

  3. George

    They have different principles

  4. Michael T

    Recumbents I am like Meh ! Still A few of the folks I ride with ride them. one of them is a damn good wrench.
    I am a bit surprised by Joe after all a sales is a sale

  5. There’s something called “The Recumbent Grin” that happens when you first experience riding one. There’s also “The EV Grin” that happens when you drive a modern Electric Vehicle. In both cases, their fans insist they are wiser than the rest and try to convert the ignorant people.

    And that might be good, because we all know recumbents and EVs are the future! I know the truth! The UCI banned recumbents and the Big Oil companies are attacking the EV industry!! Everything is a conspiracy!

    Hey, who are these men dressed in black suits? What are you doing to me? HELP!

    (a different voice): Mr López has been taken to a special psychiatric facility. You can continue reading this comments section as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Tencon

    Hey, somebody understands us! ūüôā


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