Thanks for all of your support!

We’ve enjoyed another 15 month run of bike comics and are glad you helped make our Kickstarter for Volume 6 such a success.

Alas, we must take a break from this rigorous schedule and return to other pressing matters (like families, jobs, and long, inspirational bike rides). This will be the last full week we publish for awhile. We’ll still keep the website live (where all strips can be read) and appreciate financial support for hosting fees. Thus, we’re not cancelling our Patreon account, but completely understand if you choose to stop pledging. We’ll continue honoring pledge commitments: we are still mailing water bottles and passing along names to Walz Caps.

We’ll also continue to offer books for sale and Walz Caps has a great Yehuda Moon collection.

We’ll look for you on the road (or the trail).


Rick and Brian