2016-09-28 The Storm Clouds Cometh
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Discussion (10)

  1. Persia

    It’s only water.

  2. K'Tesh

    Don’t forget wind, branches, leaves, hidden potholes…

    • RDNoFa

      Don’t need special clothes for any of those things… Well, wind, maybe…

  3. …slippery paint, roots, train tracks. More flats….

    • RDNoFa

      Bad weather???

  4. Bicycle Bill

    According to most scientists, all life evolved from uni-cellular creatures in water.  Before we are born we develop inside our mothers, surrounded by amniotic fluid.  We can survive on this earth only because it rains regularly … and there is a layer of soil to permit plants to grow.  Our bodies require a specific amount of water daily or we will dehydrate, sicken, and eventually die.  So why worry about a little rain?
    Besides, there ain’t none of us that sweet that we’re going to melt if we get wet.  

  5. bikingbill

    What is this ‘rain’ thing you speak of?

    I know it not.

    (San Diego, we could use some rain).

  6. RDNoFa

    Bad weather????

  7. Warren

    I pick up my new bike tomorrow morning … after a mere 32 year hiatus from regular cycling. Did a test ride earlier this week and was stunned to find no wobbling on my journey and the bike seat was no where near as painful as the ‘impaling’ experienced on gym stationary bikes.

    Both bike shops I have been dealing with have encouraged me to do ‘spinning’ as an aid to my (needed) weight loss.

    My wife is sure I am going to get horribly mangled.

    Oh and when I dragged her into one of the shops she has taken a shine to the idea of an electric bike…

  8. Stefan 0166

    Your right…
    but come here (middle europe) and learn how fast you can catch a cold and more in rain below 20° celsius 😉
    Even more funny: Rain, while the ground is below 0°C…. can’t get off the bike as fast as you are suddenly on black ice. Spikes rule.


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