2016-07-22 To the Cars
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Discussion (2)

  1. Sage

    Well technically this could work, though a prosecution would have to figure out how prove the car was the one that hit Fred. Maybe dents, paint chips, bone fragments. You could use the car’s vin to find the prior owner however, and maybe do something on your own. Records searches aren’t cheap and might require law enforcement or private detective to initiate the search. All depends on the laws in that area. And of course if the statute of limitations hasn’t run out too.

    I just kind of hope this story line doesn’t result in the end of the comic or point to one of the team members and/or the mayor of the city. No mustache twirling villain either. And likewise, sudden “It was all along!” or “Fred’s son did it?” I’m not a writer, but I really dislike twist endings. Maybe Sixth Sense ruined them for me, but they’re either blatantly obvious, or so out of the blue, that it doesn’t even make sense.

  2. Bicycle Bill

    I’m uncertain how long — in comic-strip time — has supposedly passed between Fred’s accident and this story arc.  Also not sure how long DMV retains records once a vehicle is sold either to another party or for scrap/salvage.

    Another possibility is that the vehicle *IS* the car involved in Fred’s fatal hit-and-run but that it has been sold/transferred to a couple of different owners since the accident and before its relegation to the scrapyard.  Again, not sure how long the DMV retains records — or even if they *DO* retain records — of prior owners or if they would only have the last registered owner.

    Lastly, even if they can (1) prove it’s the car that struck and killed Fred and (2) determine to whom the car was registered at that particular point in time, it’s still going to be difficult to prove just who might have been driving the car at the time.

    As a bit of curiosity, though, wouldn’t it be a heck of a twist if it turned out to have been IDLE CROSSING’S car and she had let her former friend “Sidewalk” Jones drive it?


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