2016-12-06 Hard to Pass Up
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Discussion (8)

  1. Michael T

    is so true

  2. BikingBill

    No Drafting!

  3. Andy S

    And you can smell them half a mile away, but not if you’ve washed with Yehuda’s taco truck scented soap.

  4. encinitas

    it’s the breweries that get me.

  5. Alex


  6. We have no food trucks where I live. The local establishment doesn’t deal with street food and requires all food to be prepared in a kitchen, with walls and a roof and permanent connections to water and sewers.

  7. K'Tesh

    God I miss Mexican food! I’ve found two Mexican food restaurants here in China… One in Beijing (only 5 hours away by train, plus the time in transit to find it), and one in Shanghai. Nothing closer to me as of yet.

  8. 2whls3spds

    Funny thing… Mexicans LOVE Chinese Food…


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