2016-06-29 In On it
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Discussion (3)

  1. Cody T.

    If’s she’s making a pickup…why is she delivering? I get that she’s picking up lunch, but why did she have the tube in the first place? To pick up a loose document? And if so, wouldn’t she know she needs an empty tube?

  2. Bicycle Bill

    Am not a bicycle messenger so I don’t know their jargon and slang, but perhaps a “pickup” designates a stop of any kind since you need to “pick up” a signature at the delivery to confirm that the item was in fact delivered?

    Or it could have been a could have been a round-trip run — take documents from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ where the recipient has to sign off on something or add a physical signature (rather than an e-sig); then pick up the package and return it to the original sender back at point ‘A’.

    The fact that the guy in this strip knew to empty the tube — pouring out the sand or whatever that was that was added for weight, much to Sister Sprocket’s chagrin — and then find the note and the money makes me lean in the direction of the second scenario.

  3. obi

    ^Cody and Bill, here’s the story, She was sent on a “Ghost Run”, basically like I said the other day, she’s a newbie messenger so the dispatcher and crew are hazing (teasing) her. She’s being “broken-in” and “tested”. They sent her out on a run, low-on-totem-pole run, where they get to find out if she’s a legit rider, can hold her own, and is serious about the job. She got to the closed building, found the tube with the destination on it, and apparently opened it to find out why the heck it weighed so much (around here it’s smaller river rocks and sand, but they used all sand) to find sand and a note from Dispatch and the Crew to use the money to buy food, keep the change, and bring yourself and our lunch back to us. If she plays her cards right she can walk back in with everyone’s orders to be handed a beer. Then she waits about 10-15 minutes and can ask “did you enjoy the secret sauce on your order (wink-wink – spit/hot-sauce, whatever she did to haze them back)? Got it now?


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