2016-10-26 Finding Value
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  1. I get the feeling, this woman’s gonna end up at Wal-Mart, buying a hundred dollar bicycle-shaped-object, that will then sit in her garage, holding down the floor.

  2. Stefan 0166

    After trying “long John”, Bakfiets and several others I like the most the Bullitt
    It feels more like a trekking bike than a cargo or Holland bike.
    But Hannah is a bakfiets and I have no real use for an own cargo bike as long as one can hire them for free.

  3. Tencon

    Fizz hasn’t mentioned the other benefits!
    Low running costs
    Health benefits
    reduced stress
    loss of weight-increase in fitness
    lower heart rate
    lower cholesterol count
    reduced joint stress/pain

    All benefits I have enjoyed since taking up regular rides in the Mango.
    Because of the loss of balance since my heart attack, I have needed to ride a trike.
    The Mango Velomobile gives me the added benefits of weather protection and reduced wind drag.
    Because I chose the all-yellow colour/color scheme, I am VERY visible to traffic.
    The lights are terrific and the recumbent riding positon also helps my back.

    • Stefan 0166

      Nice one, the Mango. Looks a little bit like the “Milan” which is probably more speed orientated.
      I always found it difficult to get in an out these Velomobiles, so if I would need three wheels it will be more like the Scorpion from HP-Velotechnik, or the Antrotech.
      How do you transport your luggage or groceries? Is the boot big enough?

  4. Tencon

    I even have brake lights and indicators! 🙂

  5. Michael T

    I was thinking of a cargo bike. However now that I got a touring bike I am going to use it for shopping. The local grocery store does not seem to mind when I walk around with the road bike. Now I can carry more items.

    • Stefan 0166

      I like the feeling of a cargo bike. But still I have no problem to get all the groceries for my family home with my touring bike. Backpack and/or 2 , very rare 4, Ortliebs do the job.

  6. Kevin Love

    Specialized cargo bike vs. bike trailer. Which to use? I prefer a trailer, and wrote an article about it. See:


  7. Tencon

    @Stefan: There is abut 30L of storage space inside. Not all usable as the 30L is a volumes that Water might fill = not boxes or bags! 🙂
    I have a medium sized trailer that will take a month’s shopping in each trip comfortably.
    After taking the bag off, I have suspended a ATB upside down and carried it across town!
    I have a photo but no way to show you unfortunately.

    As you say, the Mango is not speed oriented like the Quest etc. but is a comfortable shopper or even commuter.
    Like all Velo’s you get fairly warm in even cold conditions (Tee-shirt in the snow last winter!) so one need to have socially acceptable clothing with you to change into if necessary…

  8. Tencon

    Groningen is the City where my Mango was made.
    This video: Groningen-the-worlds-cycling-city shows that when done properly, any city can move away from motor-based transport for most journeys

  9. bikingbill

    I have a custom cargo tail-box on my Bacchetta. Good enough for shopping

  10. 2whls3spds

    I want a Urban Arrow…

  11. Adrian

    I put some beefy hydro discs, better crank and freewheel on my yuba mundo and it is a dream. Out of the fleet it is the most comfy to ride. Once I took a turn on a wet leaf covered road and it took so long for that tail to swing out that it gave me plenty of time to counter steer till the rear hooked up and swung back in line. The force made my taillight explode, but I didn’t feel a thing. Like riding a 1970s Lincoln


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