2016-09-30 A Fine Line
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Discussion (10)

  1. Twitch

    It really depends on the blinkies. One overly bright one at night is too much!

  2. Michael T

    Lol when I commute in in the morning (it is still dark) I run with four tail lights (one has the laser side bars) going to replace it with one that does that and has a turn signal. I also has a 700 nightrider headlight on my helmet and an 850 on my handlebar. The frame of my bike and rims have reflective tape. The co workers going in for the early say I look like a christmas tree and no one can claim they can’t see me. But During the day I am a bit more subtle andrun a helmet and seat post blinker. I am going to ride . I exist see me blink. I figure it this you hit me at night the jury will assume you were aiming.

  3. Stefan 0166

    This! is a taillight:
    The last line says: The Taillight has 2 time 2 watts, my Stoplight has 2 times 3 watts, not shown here…

  4. Genel

    I commute using a Whelen TIR 3 emergency vehicle flasher
    It uses about 2 watts in steady mode. It is very bright. I used to use it in flasher mode, but it seemed to me that the flashing attracted drivers and they passed closer. I also have a 2 watt red led pointed at the ground.

  5. encinitasdoug

    One of my favorite subjects! You can never have enough lighting.

  6. Bicycle Bill

    To quote the Mythbusters, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.”

  7. Obi

    Why is Joe wearing shades? Is his future so bright he’s gotta wear shades, in the dark?

  8. Joe is the lost Blues Brother.

    And a taillight is only too bright when they can’t see you because they are blinded by the light, wrapped up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

  9. Kevin Love

    I use two rear lights. There is the dynamo powered one that comes as factory standard equipment with my Azor Pastoorfiets. Then I added an Aervoe electric road flare, that is sold for police use to replace the burning type of flare. 24 LEDs in two banks with seven flashing patterns. See:


    Nothing exceeds like excess.

  10. GaryL

    The really annoying lights are the super bright head lights pointed up at other people. As said before, this attracts drivers to aim at you. At least makes them really mad because you blinded them.


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