2016-12-09 Ch-Ch-Changes
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  1. Syke

    Yep, as I drop my seven day a week riding regimen (riding in the dark on days I have to work), to a four day a week schedule (riding only in the late afternoon when the temperature is at its highest). And I hang up the derailleur bikes in favor of my 3-speed roadsters, because I can comfortably ride in street clothes, rather than dedicated cycling gear.

  2. George

    Let’s be honest, winter sucks. I hate layers and layers, short days, dark nights and winter blues. I keep riding, but I don’t like it

  3. Andy S

    I love it. So far I can handle anything down to +5 °F / -15 °C in (relative) comfort for my nine-mile work commute. I’m going to see if I can push it lower this year.

  4. Heffe

    I can deal with a certain amount of cold without too much difficulty – it’s kind of nice not getting too hot! …but the dark and frequent rain here in the Pacific Northwest is a bit too much to enjoy.

  5. Persia

    Whoah, 40 degrees is pretty warm for a ride!

    Oh. Fahreneit.

  6. Alessandro

    Yehuda keeps forcing me to google convert Fahrenheit to Celsius… Please, don’t be so stubborn, go metric 😉


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