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Discussion (6)

  1. Toe-Knee !

    One better…
    Everytime I go on social media, I fear for the human race.

  2. Persia

    The human race is over. Humans lost.

  3. Rob Kristoff

    Toe knee is right. Joe is right. But that’s the point of Wells’ quote. He already feared for our future— like any thinking person. But in the bike we see a possible sustainable future. There are some signs that could happen. Citibike, new york, Boston…

  4. Jerome

    In Montreal, in the 16 to 24 years old group, only 1 out of 3 holds a driving license, and the numbers keeps shrinking. At the same time, the number of bike commuters is growing, even during the long cold winter months. There is hope.

    • Stefan 0166

      Same here in Europe, but many of those who do not hold a licence prefer public transport.
      On the other hand: There is Amsterdam, Kopenhagen and Oulu. City’s who take bike traffic serious.
      Oulu (65° 1′ N, 25° 28′ O), with a modal split of 12% bike in winter, is even far more north them montreal (45° 30′ N, 73° 34′ W)

  5. Mike T

    I am stupidly optimistic. A friend who goes down to folks in Los Angeles every weekend. According to him more and more people are bike commuting as they get to work just as fast or earlier and have less stress. If that can happen in LA well there is hope. Of course I always look at the less report good news, Then the headlines.


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