2016-06-27 Do You Carry?
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Discussion (7)

  1. geomannie

    This doesn’t translate very well in the UK. Is East Cleveland particularly dangerous? What are raw routes?

  2. mike w.

    Raw routes- through no-go areas due to crime, or traffic, or logistical inconvenience, etc.

    East Cleveland- not the best of neighbourhoods… a bit down-at-heels.

    i think Sister can handle it

  3. Howard Abts

    In the United States, neighborhoods with a preponderance of people with dark skins and low incomes (The two are strongly correlated here.) are generally regarded as dangerous. In this way, we can deny to ourselves that we are racist: we don’t mind being around black people, but we are too prudent to expose ourselves to danger.

    This helps to explain why we are so baffled by mass shootings in places like Columbine, where nearly everyone is white and wealthy. “How could such a thing happen in a place like this?”

  4. geomannie

    Mike & Howard,
    Thanks. Makes better sense now.

  5. Cody T.

    Crime rates are statistically higher on that side of town.


  6. If she’s smart, she does indeed carry.

  7. Rich

    Her polo mallet should suffice.


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