UPDATE: We’re going to take some time and update all 2015 dates to 2016. Thanks for the feedback –


Volume 6The dates of newly posted comics here on the website will list 2015 as the year. This is because 2015 strips weren’t ever published (online or in print). They will appear in Volume 6, which will be printed in May and begin shipping in June. We had a successful Kickstarter late last year which made the printing possible (thanks, supporters!).

All new strips start with January 1, 2015 on the website. 2015 strips will appear in Volume 6 and on the website, day by day (five times a week, Monday through Friday). So the January 29, 2015 strip will appear on the same day in 2016.

We go to print in May for a June delivery.

I’d consider changing all of the strip dates but we’re over half a year into 2015 work (in terms of drawing) and to change all the dates on the website would be quite the task… If we continue posting new comics past December 2016, we’ll get the dates right then.

We’ve over complicated this! 🙂

Rick and Brian