2016-10-21 New Pair of Shoes?
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Discussion (7)

  1. Stephan Schmitz

    Huh???? o_O

    Getting older (And wiser)?

  2. Luiggi

    … and not even then. There is a saddle for each butt, and a butt for each saddle.

  3. Don

    Only time we’ve actually seen Joe on an upright it didn’t end well


  4. Bicycle Bill

    A better saying might be, “Always use the proper tool for the job.”


  5. Bikingbill

    He should try my comfy Bacchetta Giro 26, with my custom cargo box. 🙂

  6. spiny norman

    A mile is walking distance. Ride 7 miles on an upright townie two-miler and you might want a real bike again.

  7. John

    Saw a podcast by a guy who goes touring on a Brompton. That would be one of the last bikes that would come to my mind for touring long distances.


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