2016-06-28 The Pick Up
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Discussion (5)

  1. Kamen

    Whatever happened to Fenders? This is something I am very concerned about.

  2. obi

    Hmmm, a not so subtle finger to Apple while giving a nod to Tony Pereira? #LittleThings

  3. obi

    Heeheehee, “Hazing”.

  4. threetoast

    Sprocket’s missing her pipe in the second panel

  5. Bicycle Bill

    Isn’t the first time someone poked fun at Apple.  The newspaper comic strip “Foxtrot” referred to the Apple-like computer in their cartoons as an “iFruit”, and when the cartoon family finally retired it and went to a Macbook-like laptop, it too had a pear (with a bite out of it) as the logo on the back of the screen.


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