2016-08-22 Moving On?
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Discussion (6)

  1. Don

    They should get some spiritual (and most probably some practical) advice from Brother Pilot, who seems to know more than he is saying.

  2. bikingbill

    I’m a little unclear on the storyline here. Was he killed right away from the accident? I recall the “ball bearings in the valve” cover stuff. Did Fred die from complications later?

    • Kevin Love

      Fred did that post-mortem, as a ghost.

  3. Kevin Love

    Nice to see the strip back. I just finished binge-reading the 2016 comics.

  4. bikingbill


    Thank you for that. Makes much more sense now.

  5. Tencon

    The story is starting to make sense now the pieces are falling into place.
    It is good that other new threads are being added too… 🙂

    btw: It is good to see that you are back Kevin.
    For your information: I actually bought a Mango Velomobile last October. Using it has helped me lose 20Kg so far and I am having fun riding around Coventry etc. giving motorists something to smile at (A 66-year-old pensioner leaving most cyclists behind and most cars at the lights too! )
    Did you weaken and get one like you were considering?


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