2016-12-02 Fire Flavor
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Discussion (10)

  1. obi

    So seriously, where’s this story arc going? Why’s Yehuda playing with nicotine? Has he gone Hipster or what? Are we pushing nicotine like SisterSprocket?

  2. Don
  3. Kevin Love

    This is rather out of character for Yehuda. I thought the same when Yehuda was first shown vaping on November 24.

    Why, Rick, why?

  4. Alec

    Yeah, this character development seems forced. If there’s a point, okay, but vaping just because doesn’t seem like Yehuda’s style.

  5. Bicycle Bill

    I don’t vape, but I do feel the need to step in here and point out that not all vaping solutions contain nicotine or other, more illegal compounds.

    I’d also like to insert this quote about pipe-smoking from William Thackeray:
    “The pipe draws wisdom from the lips of the philosopher, and shuts up the mouth of the foolish.”
    And Yehuda is nothing if not a philosopher.


  6. bikingbill

    I’m a BIG rider, but when I do long steep climbs, I don’t even breathe hard.

    No way am I going to screw up these epic lungs.

  7. Michael Townsend

    The only I am thinking is all the flavors to try. Still I would not vape. The thing is he seems to be producing a lot of vapor. Something is up

  8. Alan Donnelly

    People who vape do seem to produce a lot of vapour – even more than people who smoke – whether fags, pipes, or cigars.

  9. MLC40

    Bicycle Bill, C.S. Lewis put is somewhat differently. “A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth.”

  10. Conrad

    Totally. I use grandmas potpourri.


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