2016-08-26 Speculating
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Discussion (6)

  1. Persia

    They sleep with the fishes?

  2. Boris

    (to Rain from yesterday and others): she didn´t do what? I haven´t suggested anything brutal. The very minimal option is to find them and keep track of them… just for start.
    It surprises me how many people talk about sleeping with the fish and similar concepts… probably forgetting that brother Pilot and the whole community are in the first place people of faith…? Forgive, don´t judge (as that belongs to higher authorities than us)… Well, it seems that the christian concepts are not that deeply rooted in this culture. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, that seems to prevail more dominantly…? 🙂

  3. Boris, certainly an interesting point, but in this case, people are likely reflecting more the popularity of the godfather movies and trends in American TV than cynicism about Plain people.

    Still, you’re right that many of us default to suspecting the worst.

  4. Cody T.

    I keep getting reminded of X-Files episodes where people of similar lifestyles had a more “…we take care of our own.” mentality. It was the mystery of their practices keep you thinking the worst of what they were capable of(in the case of the X-Files, it almost always was).

    The thing is, it it’s “taken care of” wouldn’t Fred be aware of it? The burden released?

  5. Boris

    Rob and Cody… thanks for your perspective. Youŕe right, we are discussing a plot here… 🙂 /

    However, Brother Pilot raises an important point, even if maybe not immediately obvious from the few words he uses.

  6. Michael T

    I doubt Brother Pilot means anything of ill intent. He likely referring to a higher power catching up with them. Me I like the term Karma as it does tend to catch up with you. They may not be in jail but their lives are in upheaval and ruined. As to the Bike ninja well people tend to focus on the assassin aspect of ninjas. They tend to be excellent in information gathering and spying too.


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