2016-09-27 Congregations
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Discussion (6)

  1. Bicycle Boris

    “Us and Them” again? Naah… not again. Thank you.

  2. K'Tesh

    And the name for other groups.

    “An Attitude of Teenagers”
    “A Lack of Cops” or “An Abundance of Cops”
    “A Plethora of Car Salesmen”
    “A Overabundance of Idiots” (AKA “A Mob of Morons”)

  3. Bicycle Bill

    “A Overabundance of Idiots” (AKA “A Mob of Morons” “Trump Supporters”)
    Fixed it for you.

  4. William Volk

    A Tribe of Trikes
    A Flock of Fixies
    A Reunion of Recumbents
    A Cabal of Cargo Bikes

  5. Bunkcephus

    Always been partial to Murder of Bros myself…

  6. Robert

    How about something more suggestive of ignorance than murderous intent? “Murder” is unfairly applied to crows and I would not apply it to a group of motorists either, as it wouldn’t put me in the best state of mind on the road. I’d like to suggest “pod,” which I’ve been using myself for years.


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