2016-10-27 It’s a Custom
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Discussion (3)

  1. Stefan 0166

    Try this in germany, and the shop owner will face problems with the authorities and his insurance 😉

  2. Tencon

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    1. Customer gets the joy of building his own bike
    2. Customer learns a lot about ‘wrenching’
    3. Customer can alter his design during the build to get a unified finished item
    4. Any difficulties that come up have a seasoned mechanic there to help sort it out
    5. Customer has nobody to blame if the finished item is ‘wrong’ – except themselves
    However, the experienced bicycle mechanic supervising the build can give advice and teach techniques along the way
    The fun never ends :-)

  3. 2whls3spds

    To me building a bike is great therapy; then you get to ride your handy work! I thoroughly enjoy the parts selection process, ordering the parts, waiting for them to trickle in, then the build process and finally the test ride. I have enough project bikes that I can keep myself out of bars and off of street corners for the next decade!


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