2016-07-25 Found
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  1. Bicycle Bill

    Is this supposed to be a dent to the fender, or paint transfer from Fred’s bike?

  2. bikingbill

    Dried Blood

  3. Won

    I would guess the blood would have been removed right off, and the car’s been sitting out in the rain for a year or more.

  4. krutibrko

    whatever that is, it changes shape from one frame to another. anyway, I am SO glad Yehuda explained in the last frame that Fred has found it. Otherwise, many readers could miss it, right…

  5. Tencon

    What happens now, have we seen the last of Fred or will he stay around to find the driver?

  6. Tencon

    The humour and bike-related stuff in the comments have always been a major part of the strip for me. A bit like a velo’-related Face Book, the interaction between the commenters used to keep the subject of each strip in tune with the story and help the flow, giving more continuity etc.
    The lack of the comments on the historical strips mean that newcomers have nothing to help them ‘get’ the meaning of the whole story.
    From the back story between Sister Sprocket and Yehuda to the pathos of Fred’s situation, the comments helped me at least get a lot more from each strip and kept me focussed on the storyline.
    The fact that many of use were able to discuss matters raised by the strips made each strip be a much more meaningful commentary on cycling issues.
    Any chance of restoring the historic comments from the first strips Rick?
    p.s. I ‘Found’ Yehuda when somebody gave me help to a technical questioned by directing me to the knowledgeable commenters for a solution, I got an answer in less than an hour! 🙂


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