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Discussion (3)

  1. Bicycle Bill

    True that!!!
    And it ain’t just for fixies only.


  2. risb

    I don’t know about the U.S., but in Europe (most parts, if not everywhere) it would be illegal to ride a bike without brakes in traffic. Thinking of winter, snow and such… that’s actually a good thing.

  3. Westinson

    Never understood the brakeless fixie thing. Mine has a SLX disc brake up front and a rim brake in the back even though it is a fixed gear.

    You don´t have to touch the brakes if you want a leg workout day, but when necessary, you have powerful braking options at hand. You can still ride like you don´t have brakes anyway – and proactive riding is always good for your own safety, no matter what the bike is.


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