2016-10-25 Digital Catch Up
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Discussion (2)

  1. Bicycle Boris

    Hard core Kickstand fans surely know this, but I must confess I didn´t… 🙂

    I understood “mantis” as the insect (praying mantis) – the bike is green, so… but what’s “oris” then? Turns out that it isn’t another species of insect, riding merrily together with the mantis, but I was ignorant that both are actually names. 🙂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Sweringen_brothers

  2. Kevin Love

    A tandem bicycle is aptly named for the brothers. From the above linked Wikipedia article:

    “Neither brother married; the two shared a common bedroom in their 54-room mansion, Roundwood Manor, on the grounds of their estate, Daisy Hill, in Hunting Valley, Ohio. During their lifetimes, they seldom gave interviews or made appearances in public; however, when they did, it was always together. An overview of their accomplishments cannot be done separately as the two were inseparable during their lives.”


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