2016-02-05 Just One More
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  1. K'Tesh

    One cigarette can ruin so much for people. This I know for a fact. I was the next door neighbor to the @$$hat who burned himself, and the rest of our building out of their apartments.

    • K'Tesh

      I should have added… Thankfully, nobody was physically harmed.

    • Don Shipp

      Buildings aren’t safe from cars, either : https://aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/audis-in-houses/

      • K'Tesh

        Actually, I know that too… I was taking a nap when a neighbor’s pickup (unmanned) rolled into the apartment below me. It busted through the window, and parked on the headboard of the bed of the people who lived below me. The brakes had been set, and it was set in park, but still managed to roll somehow.

        I’ve also had a neighbor who kept backing his pickup into the wooden posts supporting the deck above my porch. The management finally told the jerk that if he parked there again he’d be towed.

  2. NNU Mursing Student

    I’m stuck in the habit… mostly due to living in Idaho, people are not looking for cyclists yet.


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