2016-10-26 Finding Value
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Discussion (4)

  1. I get the feeling, this woman’s gonna end up at Wal-Mart, buying a hundred dollar bicycle-shaped-object, that will then sit in her garage, holding down the floor.

  2. Stefan 0166

    After trying “long John”, Bakfiets and several others I like the most the Bullitt
    It feels more like a trekking bike than a cargo or Holland bike.
    But Hannah is a bakfiets and I have no real use for an own cargo bike as long as one can hire them for free.

  3. Tencon

    Fizz hasn’t mentioned the other benefits!
    Low running costs
    Health benefits
    reduced stress
    loss of weight-increase in fitness
    lower heart rate
    lower cholesterol count
    reduced joint stress/pain

    All benefits I have enjoyed since taking up regular rides in the Mango.
    Because of the loss of balance since my heart attack, I have needed to ride a trike.
    The Mango Velomobile gives me the added benefits of weather protection and reduced wind drag.
    Because I chose the all-yellow colour/color scheme, I am VERY visible to traffic.
    The lights are terrific and the recumbent riding positon also helps my back.

  4. Tencon

    I even have brake lights and indicators! 🙂


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