2016-09-28 The Storm Clouds Cometh
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Discussion (8)

  1. Persia

    It’s only water.

  2. K'Tesh

    Don’t forget wind, branches, leaves, hidden potholes…

    • RDNoFa

      Don’t need special clothes for any of those things… Well, wind, maybe…

  3. …slippery paint, roots, train tracks. More flats….

    • RDNoFa

      Bad weather???

  4. Bicycle Bill

    According to most scientists, all life evolved from uni-cellular creatures in water.  Before we are born we develop inside our mothers, surrounded by amniotic fluid.  We can survive on this earth only because it rains regularly … and there is a layer of soil to permit plants to grow.  Our bodies require a specific amount of water daily or we will dehydrate, sicken, and eventually die.  So why worry about a little rain?
    Besides, there ain’t none of us that sweet that we’re going to melt if we get wet.  

  5. bikingbill

    What is this ‘rain’ thing you speak of?

    I know it not.

    (San Diego, we could use some rain).

  6. RDNoFa

    Bad weather????


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