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Discussion (21)

  1. Persia

    Amen, brother!

  2. Pedro Leitao

    Obviously they need to justify all the horsepower they’ve bought.

  3. Tencon

    And HAVE to get in front of my Velomobile, even if that means cutting me up.
    It usually means I pass them while they wait on red then stop just in front of them waiting for green. I don’t actually block them – the move helps me as I get green just as I get there more often than not, so I don’t need to stop. 55+ years of cycling means I have a ‘no stopping’ instinct.
    Even though I won’t be trying to find a place to ‘trackstand’ or put a foot down.
    I hate the ones who push past then cut in right to the edge of the road stopping me from filtering by on the inside. I have to overtake them. Some bus drivers get the idea and slow down to follow me. Those are possibly the ones who pushed by and were passed before and they ‘get it’. When in front of buses, if I get a reasonable lead I can stay in front of them all the way unless a hill slows me down…

    • Stefan 0166

      As long, as cars have the exhaust pipe at the rear end, I prefer to wait in front.

  4. TenconTencon

    In England, a lot of traffic light crossings have a refuge for cyclists,
    A green line 2-3 feet from the side will then turn to follow the white ‘stop’ line and continue round providing a box for cyclists to wait in. Many motorists see this as an extension of their stopping place but most honour it. Thus there is just enough room for my Mango to squeeze by to wait in the box. IF no motorist parks in the refuge that is!

  5. Stefan 0166

    Driving is pure stress! All the bikes in the way! So drivers enjoy the break at the traffic light.

  6. Jay

    Hanging back would be admitting something…

  7. Roy Drinkwater

    Riding fixed gear has improved my driving. Learning to time the lights with a bike translates over to timing lights with a car. On a common route I drive, I don’t have to stop at 8 lights in 6 miles.

    P.S. Have a great break guys, see you in the future.

  8. Bicycle Bill

    It used to be that traffic lights were timed or synced to the flow of traffic MOVING AT THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT — and for all I know, it may still be that way in many areas.  But so long as motorists insist on driving at least 5 – 10 mph over the posted limit, they are going to be ‘out of sync’ with the lights and will find themselves stopping at each and every one of them.

  9. Alessandro

    We have regulations as of maximum speeds everywhere. Maximum speeds, yes, but not how fast one can get there 😀

  10. Tencon

    @Alessandro : exactly – the posted speed is a LIMIT not an objective!

    • Alan Donnelly

      Nor a minimum…

  11. Matt

    It always feels good when I catch them at the next light, though!

  12. John

    Here in San Francisco there are a few streets (Folsom and Valencia are two I know of) where the signals are timed for 13mph specifically so that bicyclists never need to stop. I always laugh riding down those streets, because I pass the same cars stopped at every single light… only to be passed by them seconds later, as they speed off to wait in line at the next light.

    There are even signs about the 13mph light timing, but they’re small and off to the side so the motorists never see them.

  13. Jeane Moore

    quiet sob

  14. Stefan 0166

    I miss the daily yehuda…

  15. Tencon

    Hi Stefan 0166 – You think it is bad up high on an upright bike? Try how bad it is 80Cm/30£ or so from the floor!
    If a big diesel vehicle is nearby Velonauts can actually taste the fumes and we get greasy smudges from the oily particulate coughed out by these noisesome things. 🙁

    • Stefan 0166

      Hi Tencon, I just have a old Radius “Peer Gynt” which of course is not that low.
      And, regulations over here force real big Diesel to leave the Air even better than they sucked in.
      Plus, for big Diesel this works, not like the small ones from Volkswagen and so on.
      So; Yes I think riding really low would force me even more to fight for my place in front instead behind the cars row.

  16. I couldn’t count how many times I have had that thought!

  17. Jim

    So, has the strip gone into coma mode?

  18. Tencon

    No, Jim.
    The Author(s) are taking a well-earned rest.

    We are looking forward to the hoped-for return with anticipation 🙂

    Why do they need a rest?
    Just try creating new ideas every day while holding down a paying job…

    Rick and Brian have my lasting admiration for their output.


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