2016-08-29 The Reason
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Discussion (6)

  1. obi

    Guilt by association, huh?

  2. Bicycle Bill

    No, Yehuda is realizing that there was a possibility that his “hair-brained infrastructure schemes” were not allowed merely because they were good ideas or because the climate for cyclists was showing signs of improvement. And for someone like Yehuda, who is first and foremost an idealistc evangelist for cyclists, that can be a very bitter pill to swallow.

  3. wile

    Can’t help picking a nit: the word is “hare-brained”, or even “harebrained”… http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/harebrained

  4. Yehuda Moon

    Well, dang it.

  5. Rick

    Councilman Turner’s involvement hasn’t been established yet. He could be chasing after the guilty party to clear his own name. He could have OJ’s help except…

  6. grant

    “Hair-brained” also works. Why denigrate the hare? Pick on amoebas or planaria. “Hair-brained” makes the point even better than “hare-brained,” since a hare at least has a brain, which is more than can be said of hair. The only circumstance in which “hare-brained” beats “hair-brained” is when the quality of the brain is exactly like that of a hare’s.


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