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Discussion (4)

  1. It’s March, how much longer are you going to keep that last customer up for a contest that ended a month ago?

  2. risb

    If it’s early morning, going to work… well, 25 yo me was able to stay up through the night and then proceed not to bed, but to work, if by some “accident” it was a work day the next morning. Present day me is avoiding such situations. Is it really getting wiser, or just conforming to the diminished stamina? :))

  3. DoseaReality

    Sheesh, lighten up a little.

  4. Heffe

    25 year old me: waiting for a bus to get to work, the LSD has mostly worn off.
    50 year old me this morning: (While putting on bike clothes) gosh should I have had 2 cups of tea this morning, is that a bit much?


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