2016-02-09 Shape of Things to Come
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  1. Stefan 0166

    over the years, I tend to say self driving cars are the same as nuclear fusion: for more than 30 years now announced to be available within one decade…
    I am still not sure i will see one of this really working in my lifetime. On a autobahn of course, but not in dense city traffic with pedestrians, bikes , children and so on…
    What do you think?

    • Autonomous cars are a reality in mixed traffic in Silicon Valley, mostly in the city of Mountain View near Google, but they drive around too. Experimental still but they’re doing a fine job.

  2. Madoc Comadrin

    Even half automated would be great improvment for pedestrian and cyclist safety. Computers can do emergency breaking much faster than humans and their sensors could eliminate dead angles. No more “I did not see him when I was turning” accidents. Also automatic reading of speed limits are refusing to drive faster than the limit would reduce accidents. These technologies are already becoming reality.

  3. Harry

    Actually cyclists (and pedestrians) are going to play havoc with self driving cars. As the cars are programmed to avoid collisions then don’t wait for a gap in the traffic before crossing the road, or simply cycle through a junction without looking. Just carry on knowing the car will stop for you. I can’t wait :-)


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