2017-02-24 Unsocial Media
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Discussion (8)

  1. ShaikCorso

    I wish I understood this one but I don’t. It’s gone over my head.

  2. rick

    tweets are for twits

  3. After all, it’s called TWITter!

  4. Michael Townsend

    Oh my. One wonders what Moon twitted this time. I like her sarcasm, Marcel Marceau he is not.
    I don’t use twitter however I have learned before I post the rare post something on Facebook. I write in word and review it before I post it.
    People treat social media like a private sounding board. Then they get all bent out of shape because someone said something about it they don’t like.
    I am for social media I just wish people would think more about what they say on it. They also should remember they are a public forums which can be used against them.

  5. I do agree. By the way, here in Venezuela the people who works in the government sector can’t write anything bad about it, since their supervisors are monitoring their social media.

  6. BikingBill

    He probably tweeted a helmet rant.

  7. roydrink

    spoiler: Marcel Marceau was a famous French mime. Therefore Yahuda sent a blank tweet.

  8. Bicycle Bill

    Because Marceau was a mime, perhaps it was an image-only or a video tweet.
    (Are there even such things?  I honestly don’t know, I don’t twit.)



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