2016-10-21 New Pair of Shoes?
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Discussion (9)

  1. Stephan Schmitz

    Huh???? o_O

    Getting older (And wiser)?

  2. Luiggi

    … and not even then. There is a saddle for each butt, and a butt for each saddle.

  3. Don

    Only time we’ve actually seen Joe on an upright it didn’t end well


  4. Bicycle Bill

    A better saying might be, “Always use the proper tool for the job.”


  5. Bikingbill

    He should try my comfy Bacchetta Giro 26, with my custom cargo box. 🙂

  6. spiny norman

    A mile is walking distance. Ride 7 miles on an upright townie two-miler and you might want a real bike again.

  7. John

    Saw a podcast by a guy who goes touring on a Brompton. That would be one of the last bikes that would come to my mind for touring long distances.

  8. VeloWilliam

    Although “urban” bikes can sometimes seem ridiculous and impractical, today’s is kind of a sweet strip and the point is well made.

  9. Mike T

    Using my touring to get groceries


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