2016-07-01 Upcycle
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Discussion (5)

  1. George

    Sister is a cool hand

  2. Bicycle Bill

    Yugos, since they weren’t all that popular (read ‘they were lemons’) should be rare and even more expensive.

  3. Keith Hearn

    Bicycle Bill, but the raw material for the Yugo line is hardly rare in junkyards.

  4. Bicycle Bill

    There were fewer than 142,000 sold during the entire 8-year period they were imported to America (1985 through 1982).¬†¬†There would have been no need to “save” them for restoration or even spare parts, so I imagine that most of them have been shredded, crushed, or otherwise recycled into something useful like soup cans, paperclips, or thumbtacks.

    • Bicycle Bill

      Should have been (1985 through 1992).


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