2016-07-29 Evidence
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Discussion (7)

  1. Tencon

    Gas chromatograph test will prove whether it is or not…

  2. K'Tesh

    I don’t think there’s a LEO in the modern world that wouldn’t follow up on a lead like that.

  3. K'Tesh

    Also, being a hit and run, wouldn’t that qualify as murder, and unsolved murders never get their cases closed if I’m not mistaken.

  4. obi

    Technically depends on Local and State Laws whether it’s viewed as accidental in nature or premeditated. For premeditated to become murder (depending on Local, County, State Laws) is a stretch that has to have solid evidence to classify reopening or dusting off.

  5. Bicycle Bill

    “…and this case has been closed for years.”
    Well, I guess that answers my question from about a week ago as to how long it had been since the accident.

  6. Tencon

    Yeah, prior to the first strip – 2008-01-22 Headwind…

  7. Bicycle Bill

    Yeah, I was aware of that; but there’s “real time” and what I guess one would call “in-comic time”.  The characters do not seem to be aging — Fizz made her first appearance in July of 2008 and 8 years later she’s still small enough to ride in the bakfiets; and there’s another Ohio-based webcomic by the name of David Willis who has been drawing a strip called “Dumbing of Age” since September of 2010 but the amount of time that has transpired “in-comic” is barely one and half calendar months.

    So I wondered if Rick was using some sort of ‘flexible’ time-line in the Yehuda-verse as well.


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