2016-10-28 From a Dead Stop
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Discussion (5)

  1. bikingbill

    The only thing drivers hate more than cyclists who make rolling stops at stop signs, are cyclists who stop at stop signs.

  2. Jim

    When bikes weigh 1500 pounds, then talk.

  3. bikingbill

    The last automobile I owned that weighed 1500 lbs was a special (lightweight, 1200cc engine) edition of the 1984 Honda CRX. It also managed to get over 60mpg and was quite fun to drive.

    Nowadays the typical automobile weighs in at 3000lbs+

    Rolling (Idaho) stops really don’t piss off drivers. RUNNING RED LIGHTS DO.

  4. Heffe

    I enjoy playing a catch-up game with cyclists in my home town Seattle who run red lights. I typically ride a bit faster than many commuter cyclists, particularly on the hills, but many have the “advantage” in that they blow off red lights and so forth… So I enjoy seeing if I can nonetheless catch them, while still obeying red lights, common courtesy and common sense. I see cyclists who are really out of shape and obviously have poor bike handling skills plowing right through red lights, splitting lanes, etc without a thought for what they are doing. Astonishing. As for Idaho stops… particularly at an empty intersection or with only traffic behind you, I am not at all opposed to Idaho stops.

  5. obi

    Used to hold trackstand stop competitions going up VanNess in S.F. when younger. Confused the crap out of drivers because your balanced, but technically not proceeding thru. 😉


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